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was acquired by
Financial advisor to Lion Street January 2022
Lion Street, A Leading Insurance Distribution and Wealth Management Platform, Has Been Acquired by Integrity Marketing Group
Industry: Insurance, Investment Services
Type: Sell-Side M&A

Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), an omnichannel insurtech leader in life, health and wealth solutions, today announced it has acquired Lion Street, an elite national network of agencies and professionals providing life insurance, wealth management and financial planning solutions to high-net-worth clients. As part of the acquisition, Bob Carter, Founder and CEO of Lion Street, and Jim Cahill, President of Lion Street, will become Managing Partners in Integrity. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

“Bob and Jim are two of the most well-respected visionaries in the industry, which is why I’m honored that they’ve chosen to partner with Integrity,” shared Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “The Lion Street team has the ability to conceptualize and deliver solutions that financial and insurance professionals need for success, which made them quick to recognize the scale of resources that Integrity offers their clients. With decades of experience and leadership, they will be an incredible asset to our Integrity partner network. Lion Street embodies all we’re building at Integrity, and I look forward to the transformative milestones we’ll reach together.”

Under the leadership of industry veteran Bob Carter, a group of financial firms came together in 2010 to build a network of like-minded peers. Recognizing that sophisticated financial professionals would benefit from a group that could collaborate, share resources and expand partnerships with national insurance providers, Carter created Lion Street — a multi-faceted, elite distribution network. In addition to distributing life insurance, Lion Street includes a full-service broker dealer, a registered investment advisor (RIA) and the Lion Street Private Client Group, which designs and advises on personalized wealth management solutions for high-net-worth individuals and business owners. Today, the nationwide network is comprised of more than 750 financial professionals with over $15 billion in assets under advisement and who place in excess of $150 million of weighted life premium annually.

"From the moment we met with Integrity, we felt an immediate synergy," explained Bob Carter, Founder and CEO of Lion Street. "Lion Street stands as the firm behind many of the very best financial services firms in the country, and Integrity's omnichannel platform makes them a clear leader in the insurtech space. Our goals and vision are unshakably aligned, which makes this partnership a powerful catalyst for change that will benefit our stakeholders in the industry. As insurance and financial services have become increasingly interwoven and sophisticated, Integrity's network and resources will enable us to capitalize on new opportunities. Partnership and co-ownership have been foundational to our model since the beginning — we are thrilled that Integrity's approach is the same."

Through this strategic partnership, Integrity and Lion Street will help more Americans prepare for the good days ahead by leveraging Integrity’s extensive partner network. This collaborative group of industry leaders and icons works together to optimize insurance and financial processes, and create innovative solutions that help protect the life, health and wealth of American consumers.

"Just like Integrity, we understand the power and tremendous results that come when the finest professionals in the industry collaborate," said Jim Cahill, President of Lion Street. "With access to Integrity's technology, resources and diverse network of partners, Lion Street advisors will be able to grow their businesses in an exponential way. This partnership will give us the capabilities we need to expand on our mission to recruit great life insurance professionals and help them grow their firms, which is what we do best. This is one of the most exciting days in Lion Street's history, and we are eager to make an even bigger difference for our firms with Integrity." 

Lion Street will scale its technology resources by utilizing Integrity’s omnichannel insurtech platform, which includes quoting and enrollment systems, CRM, data and analytics, and product development. In addition, Lion Street can maintain its focus on crafting effective solutions for clients by accessing Integrity’s business infrastructure of shared services, which include IT, human resources, legal and compliance, and access to a world-class advertising and marketing firm.